Six Exceptional Women in the Bible

One of the greatest stories in the Bible is found in the book of Genesis. It tells us how Eve was created and reveals that she was formed from one of Adam’s ribs. The story goes on to tell us that Adam named her “woman” because she was taken from his side, and he called her Eve. This recognition of Eve as a woman has been a source of admiration for women throughout history. However, Eve is not the only woman with great acts in the Bible. Here are five women who challenged the status quo and made a difference in their time.

Sarah: Abraham’s Wife

Sarah is one of the most inspiring figures in the Bible. She was an ordinary woman who became a key figure in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. She was totally devoted to her husband, Abraham, and she made some important sacrifices on his behalf.

Abigail: One of David’s Wives

Abigail was the wife of Nabal, who refused to hear David’s request for military support during Israel’s fight against Goliath. However, she quickly changed her position after David saved her from Nabal’s household when he killed him. She would later become David’s wife.

Deborah: One of the Greatest Judgest in Israel

Deborah is one of the most significant women in the Bible, and she was very influential during the Kingdom of Israel. She was instrumental in bringing a period of peace after a long time of war and strife in the kingdom. She played a pivotal role as a judge and an adviser to King Jabin.

Mary: The Major of Jesus Christ

Mary was a woman who stood out from the rest of the people in her time. She was married to Joseph and gave birth to Jesus, who is known as the son of God in Christianity. With her miraculous conception and birth, she became a central figure among the followers of Jesus.

Mary Magdalene: An Avid Follower of Jesus

Mary was one of the most influential women in the Bible. However, her story is often overlooked and not well-known. This is because she was a follower of Christ, which means that it wasn’t her time to be well-known during that time period. She’s believed to be the first person to whom Jesus appeared after his resurrection and was a follower of Jesus since before his crucifixion.

Esther: King Ahasuerus’ Jewish Queen

Esther is a great woman in the Bible and one of the “greatest women in history” because she successfully saved her people from genocide. She is an example of how the average person can overcome very difficult situations with God’s help. Esther’s story reminds us that even when things look hopeless, there’s always hope.